Saturday, March 2, 2013

You're Kidding Me

We at Table 54 know that most everyone out there has a pet peeve or three.  We'd like to take a short moment to air out our ill will toward the following.

Mayhaps you've seen commercials on television for  You know the one.  They swear on their comic book that if you join their group, you will "Find God's match for you."  How important is that phrase to them?  They've registered it.  They're serious and they mean business.

My question is, how can they make that kind of guarantee? My second question is, how can a reasonably intelligent human being actually believe that guarantee?  Do they have God on the horn at their beck and call?  Does a sucker search their system and then God makes a pix of a guy or girl blink on and off while playing the Hallelujah Chorus at an ear-splitting volume to signal His choice of a mate for you? 

Don't get us wrong.  We have no problem with the myriad of online dating services out there.  It's as good a way as any to meet and greet someone online with the possibility of finding a compatible person.  You know the drill.  Sign up.  Look at the pix.  Read the profiles.  Pick out a few that look/sound good.  Message them.  Wait for a reply.  When one comes, swap notes until you either give up in disgust or continue to write until you make plans to meet.  Nice, safe way to get to know someone, right?  No guarantees...just looking to strike a spark, right?

Oh, and not one of these services would remotely presume to sell you on the idea that their service will "Find God's match for you."    Not even other Christian dating services (and there are a bunch) go so far as to promise that impossible result.  Yes, you might find a compatible person there.  But God's match for you?  Excuse our laughter.

What is it about being a Christian that makes these charlatans think you are so gullible?  Is it because you believe in an impossible to prove story?  Is it because you believe in an unbelievable God?  Is it because you purchase prayer shawls and other "blessed" trinkets and articles from TV evangelists?  I mean, don't you get tired of being a mark?  Don't you get tired of being taken for a ride?  Isn't it about time to get out of smuckdom and think for yourself instead of being told what some illusion of a God will or will not do for you (at a cost of $xx.xx)?

Do atheist speakers offer doubt shawls for their listeners to buy?  While you can find some low-priced trinkets for atheists to wear in the marketplace, you don't find the hundreds of high-priced luxury pieces that are offered to Christians.  The atheist movement just doesn't submit those who are interested in it to this kind of fiscal harassment.  No one is trying to get rich off of atheism!  There are no atheist churches to take collections, no atheist schools to support, no atheist TV channels, no atheist cemeteries, about the only things you'll find out there to buy is an atheist bumper sticker or T-shirt.

And yes, there IS an atheist online dating site.  And yes, they do charge money after a certain point as all such services do.  BUT they don't guarantee that you will find the Universe's eternal choice of a soul mate for yourself.


Some claims by religious organizations just gall us to no end!


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