Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Talking Toilet Paper Fiasco

Like most retirement communities there is no tipping allowed to servers, cooks, maintenance people, the people who clean our apartments, the bus driver, or the entertainment coordinator.  In fact, the rule applies to all hourly personnel  who work at our abode.

There is, however, one time of the year set aside for residents to show their appreciation to our staff for the services they perform for us.  For a period of approximately 30 days, tenants and other interested parties (friends, relatives, etc.) are allowed to give money to a fund that will be divided among the non-management staff after it is collected.  The money is collected and dispersed by a resident committee made up of approximately four people.  This year J and Y from Table 54 volunteered as well as D and M.  J was the nominal head of the committee.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Would You Buy a Bushmaster AR-15 for Your Kid?

Want to know where the NRA and gun manufacturers are targeting their firearms this year?  How about to your children!  Imagine a full color ad in the October issue of your favorite magazine showing a beautiful Christmas tree and three young kids pulling the wrapping paper off their new assault rifles.  The ad reads: 

"Maybe you'll find a Bushmaster AR-15 under your tree some frosty Christmas morning!"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

God, Children, and Abortion

Tuesday, January 22nd was the 40th anniversary of  landmark Supreme Court case known as Roe v Wade. We at Table 54 haven't discussed the public's reaction to this yet but today seemed like a good time to air facts and feelings.

The main objection to legalized abortion seems to be the Christian belief that God condemns the killing of children (if, indeed, you believe that a fetus is somehow a living child - an argument for another time and place).

This is nothing less than an outright LIE.  God not only hasn't condemned infanticide, in the past he has actually ordered it to take place:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just In Case...

Well folks, the flu/virus hysteria has hit our retirement community big time.  Two residents have called in sick and management is falling over each other with ideas to nip the problem in the bud.  It all goes back to last year when we did have a virus sweep through the community causing a lock down for thirteen days.  This is how it works here.  If the number of sick cases reaches ten, the home goes into quarantine.  This means that residents can't come out of their apartments and visitors can't come into the building.  All activities cease.  Meals are brought to your room by servers wearing latex gloves and surgical masks.  The largest threat to the spreading of a virus is residents touching things that other residents have touched.  This happens frequently in the dining room.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Does God Pick and Choose?

John W. Loftus published a set of articles by various authors under the title of The Christian Delusion.  One of these articles was authored by Valerie Tarcia, PhD called Christian Belief Through the Lens of Cognitive Science.  In case you're wondering, Wikipedia describes cognitive science as, "the interdisciplinary scientific study of the mind and its processes."  Under the heading, "So You Think You're Rational," Valerie asks the question, "How can tourists who've escaped a hurricane or plane crash believe that a god intervened while letting others drown or burn?"

The Cat Came Back

J brought us a New York Times press clipping today about Holly, a four year old housecat who was lost in Daytona Beach in early November.  She turned up a mile from her owners home on December 31.  Happy New Year.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Day In Our Retirement Community

One of the questions frequently asked is what's a typical day like in your retirement community?  Well, we'll try and answer that for you.

People wake up at all different hours.  They go through the same morning routines that they've practiced all their lives - not that much different from yourself, I would imagine.  They shower, shave, dress, fix their hair, take out the dogs, watch a little TV, dose their insulin plus their other meds and then, around 7:50, they head down the hall to the dining room for breakfast.

Casey Anthony, Again?

Table 54 is all a-buzz.  Tonight the Lifetime channel is going to rehash the Casey Anthony trial.  Obviously we didn't get enough with the month long trial itself.  Obviously we didn't get enough of Nancy Grace and her loyal gang of lawyers (who can have no opinion other than Nancy's). But tonight we get Prosecuting Casey Anthony, a Lifetime original movie based on the book by Chief Prosecutor Jeff Ashton.  But that's not all.  After the movie informs us that Casey Anthony should have been found guilty - hands down, we are going to be blessed with a Lifetime Special - Beyond the Headlines: Prosecuting Casey Anthony that will, we are told, fill in the blanks on how the jury reached its decision. Unfortunately, Nancy Grace's verdict of guilty (which she hammered into her audience for two years before the trial even started) didn't pan out in the American court system which requires proof of guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Young Republican Gunslingers at UT, OH

The world we live in gets crazier and crazier every day.  Watching Toledo News Now on channel 11 last night I learned that a group of students belonging to the Young Republicans organization of the University of Toledo is planning to submit a resolution to the University's student senate to convince the Ohio State Legislature to change state law to allow students at the school to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Enlightening Discussion

A rather enlightening discussion at Table 54 today.  I shared with my table-mates a new blog I found while searching for atheist blogs on the internet.  The author is Greta Christina who I found to be one of those truly open souls that blogs about many of the subjects we talk about here at Table 54 (Atheism, sex, politics, etc.).  The article I read, On Writing Kinky Porn In A Rape Culture, deals with Greta being concerned about writing fantasies of sexual non-consent in a way that doesn't glorify actual, real-world consent to have at it.  She's obsessing about her fantasy writing being used as a sort of a how-to guide by real life sexual predators.

Kitchen Delemma

Before I get into the nitty-gritty with this post I have to make one thing perfectly clear - all three of us at Table 54 truly love our retirement community.  When you find the place where you're going to spend the remaining years of your life (it doesn't matter if that means two months or twenty years) it has to be exceptional in every way.  For all the wondrous perks we enjoy here, (see What Is Independent Retirement Living?) the dominating factor that led us to choose this community over others we toured can be explained in three words - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Standing In The Doorway

We received the news today that one of our residents has gone to Hospice.  Since I've joined our community in July of 2011 there have been nine of our family who've passed on, including one former member of Table 54.  You expect this, living in a retirement community, but it usually comes as a surprise.  Not that a person has died, but that they're gone today in a very final way.  There is nowhere else you'll ever live where the specter of death invades the unspoken thoughts of people on a daily basis like it does here.  We are all very aware of its existence whether we acknowledge it or not.

Monday, January 14, 2013


I saw an interesting news story on TV yesterday that I brought to the table at lunch.  It involved two children from two different families.  While zipping through the countryside the car they were in was T-boned by a driver that ignored a stop sign.  Both children went to the hospital with severe injuries.  After 24 hours passed, doctors reported to the families that one child was going to make it but the other wasn't likely to live.  After a week, the first child was released and allowed to go home.  The second, however had lapsed into a coma and the outlook seemed very grim.  Doctors told the parents he would not last out the week.