Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Enlightening Discussion

A rather enlightening discussion at Table 54 today.  I shared with my table-mates a new blog I found while searching for atheist blogs on the internet.  The author is Greta Christina who I found to be one of those truly open souls that blogs about many of the subjects we talk about here at Table 54 (Atheism, sex, politics, etc.).  The article I read, On Writing Kinky Porn In A Rape Culture, deals with Greta being concerned about writing fantasies of sexual non-consent in a way that doesn't glorify actual, real-world consent to have at it.  She's obsessing about her fantasy writing being used as a sort of a how-to guide by real life sexual predators.

Now the average age of our residents is 82 and I doubt if more than two of them could identify with the phrase "Kinky Porn".  Some on the management team, perhaps, but that's about it.  After a few definitions The Table 54 crew were able to discuss the subject intelligently.  We saw Greta's problem as being one of identifying who she was trying to reach with her writing.  With that point of view as the foundation, she shouldn't have concerns about reaching out to her somewhat specific audience.  Some individuals can take the most "plain vanilla" of stories and use them to justify rape, serial killing, or mass murder.  If you don't believe me you're not reading the papers or watching the news.

Greta's blog is hosted by Freethought Blogs, a collection of approximately 36 bloggers who's work is beyond the norm so to speak.  Personally, it's liberating to read people that aren't afraid to express themselves on subjects that the "average" population might find seditious, pornographic, or just down-right obscene (Seniors use the word "naughty") or un-American.  While I doubt if I agree with everything written on these blogs, I spent six years in our armed forces defending the right of people to express their ideas on a public forum.  And I'm always open to hearing new and different ideas, no matter what form they take.

So if you have any thoughts on the subject on kinky porn, bondage and S&M, atheism or political hanky-panky, feel free to jump over to Greta's blog and make your opinions known.  OR feel free to post your concerns/views here and the Table 54 gang will be glad to hash them out with you.

Considering Obama's inauguration is only days away, the topic of what he should place his had on as he is sworn in as president again was brought up.  As you know, most people expect he will use the Lincoln Bible as he did at his last swearing-in.  Actually, he's going whole-hog and using TWO Bibles; one being the Bible he used four years ago and the other being Martin Luther King Jr's Bible because the inauguration takes place on MLK day.  The guys at Table 54 feel that using one Bible is bad enough.  But two?  Please!  What message is Obama sending to Muslims, Jews, or Americans of any religion other than Christianity?  I know all this has been chewed over before, but seriously.  Why not be sworn in on the Constitution of the United States, the document you are swearing to protect and defend?  In this age of diversity, wouldn't that be the more logical item to employ?  Think about it let us know.


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